Sugar Pine


Swamp Ash



Whittemore T Models

I grew up in the DC area and my early guitar heroes were Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton, and Danny — with his Magic Dingus box and 52 Tele — inspired me to start building.  I have a vivid memory in late 70s of Danny explaining to me what he needed from a guitar.  I have been building T-style guitars since the mid 1980s and have a keen appreciation of what a great T needs to do.

 I make Ts in a variety of body woods — sugar pine (T49), swamp ash (T52), alder (T63), and use only the finest hardware.

The three body woods impart subtle differences in acoustic and amplified tone.  Sugar Pine is the wood used in the original late 40s prototypes, and has a slightly softer attack and a smooth mellow finish with a bloom when pushed.  Swamp ash yields the classic snappy Telecaster twang, and is great for the old school Telecaster sound.  Alder has the smooth all rounder, at home with twang, grind, smooth, and jazz.


“The Telecaster is the Stradivarius of electric guitars.”  

– Danny Gatton