Whittemore Kalamazoo Archtops

Parallel-braced archtops designed for the classic electric jazz guitar sound

The Whittemore Kalamazoo archtops are hand-crafted examples of the classic electric archtops conceived, designed, and built in Kalamazoo in the 40s, 50s and 60s.  They are do not deliver the dainty acoustic archtop sound that falters at louder (gig) volumes).  Instead, the Kalamazoo archtops are designed to be played as electric jazz guitars, and deliver the big fat and throaty electric sound.  You will find no better electric archtops anywhere.  


Top of the line.  

Specifications and Photos



Simple appointments, huge electric archtop sound!

Specifications and Photos


Laminated electric archtop in the classic tradition

Specifications and Photos