Whittemore archtops – the “Kalamazoo” models – are known for the big fat throaty sound that is the hallmark of electric jazz guitar.  Designed for amplified performance, yet with a strong acoustic presence for the wonderful amplified archtop texture. 

Concert Classicals

Fine concert-level classical guitars. 


I have been making Tele-style electrics since 1985 using the finest woods and hardware.  I am a true one man custom shop, and you will not find a better T. 

Semi-hollow Electrics

I build two semi-hollow electric models, both voiced for jazz and blues.  Incredibly versatile gigging guitars for the discerning musician.


Steel String Acoustics

The Whittemore “Nazareth” is a modern take on the revered Martin OM.  Loud with great midrange presence.  Contact me to change your acoustic future!